ReGenMan Medical Group Policies

ReGenMan Medical Group strives to accommodate all interested patients in a timely manner for appointments. In order to ensure patient privacy, only two appointment slots are available each hour. and each week, a limited number of appointments are available.

Appointment Rescheduling or Cancellation Policy

If a patient schedules an appointment at any ReGenMan Medical Group office, we require a 24-hour cancellation or rescheduling notice.

Appointment “No Show” Policy

If a patient is a “no-show” for a scheduled appointment, patient will be forfeited of any discounted consultation fees or other special discounts. ReGenMan Medical Group will then require a $75 rescheduling fee to be paid at the time of scheduling a new appointment. A second no-show for a scheduled appointment without a valid reason will result in a ban from further appointments.

Insurance and Tax Policy

ReGenMan Medical Group and its physicians do not participate in any federal, state, or commercial insurance plans and is considered “out of network” as well as a Medicare “Non Participant”. We do not do any insurance billing and payment is due when service is rendered. However, we will give you the necessary documentation to submit to the insurance company and for any applicable tax deduction purposes.

Payment Methods Policy

ReGenMan Medical Group currently only accepts Mastercard, VISA, and cash as payment methods. Sorry, but we do not accept, AMEX, Discover, checks, or other payment methods at this time.

Patient Privacy Policy

ReGenMan Medical Group ensures complete patient privacy in all office visits and electronic communication and adheres to federal and state regulations on patient privacy. We do not sell or transfer any patient specific information including names, addresses, emails, or telephone numbers to any third party.