ViaCURED- Peyronie's Treatment

ViaCURED (“CUrve REDuction”) is a proprietary treatment program available exclusively at ReGenMan to help patients suffering from penis curvature, loss of size, and function secondary to Peyronie’s Disease. 

ViaCURED utilizes acoustic sound waves to break down the plaques that cause curvature along with a clinically proven traction device to regain straightening and size. 

  • Experienced sexual medicine physician with research supported protocols

  • Combined with ViaMAXX™ for superior results

  • Non-Surgical rehabilitative with no downtime.

  • Each office session takes 30 minutes. Combined with home use medical device

  • Depending on individual factors observable results in a SINGLE treatment.


ViaCURED is a rehabilitative treatment exclusively developed by ReGenman Medical Group to help patient’s suffering from Peyronie’s disease by combining the power of acoustic wave therapy and penile traction to reduce curvature and to regain size and function that was lost.

ViaCURED’s rehabilitative potential is based on recruiting the stem cells in one’s own body to the area of treatment to trigger the repair and regenerative process, while simultaneously using a traction device at home.  Although the exact biochemical mechanism is still being researched, ViaCURED combines office based acoustic wave sessions to breakdown the plaque that causes curvature with a gentle home based traction device to regain straightening and length to optimize the best outcome possible.

Scientific research shows acoustic wave treatments work, but the results vary on the degree of the severity of the erectile dysfunction and  underlying medical conditions.  On average, most research shows that acoustic wave treatments are about 70% effective in getting a man’s own erections to return without medications, getting oral medications to work again, or getting injectable medications to work.

ViaCURED can be very effective to regain size, both girth and length in patients with some type of Peyronies Disease.  The combination of specific acoustic wave protocol that recruit stem cells to penis to harness their power of repair and regeneration with gentle traction can help men regain their penis size and function.

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