ViaGRAFT™ Penis Enlargement!

Non-Surgical Penis Length & Girth Enlargement!

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ViaGRAFT™ Can Help ReGen the MAN in You!

ViaGRAFT™ for Increased Penis Length

The shaft length size and the head of the penis can be increased with the ViaGRAFT ™ procedure.

Male sexual confidence and partner pleasure is impacted by penile length. The ViaGRAFT™ procedure skillfully places product in areas which cause the overall penile length to appear longer

ViaGRAFT™ for Increased Penis Girth

The shaft thickness size of the penis can be increased with the ViaGRAFT ™ procedure.

 The ViaGRAFT™ procedure can be customized to each man’s preference for increased girth over a series of treatments.

ViaGRAFT™ for Scrotal Enhancement

The scrotum can be enhanced with the ViaGRAFT ™ procedure to make the size more proportionate to the penis and to reduce wrinkled appearance.

As an option, the ViaGRAFT™ procedure can be done on scrotal tissue to increase size and improve appearance

Step 1:
TOPICAL NUMBING & Local Anesthetic

Step 2:
Collagen & Fat Stimulating Filler

Step 3:
Immediate & Continued Size Increase

Request to be a ViaGRAFT Model

ReGenMan Medical is now accepting male model patients for our exclusive ViaGRAFT Penis Enlargement Procedure. In return for being accepted as a model, we will offer a discount on the ViaGRAFT procedure. Fill Out the Form Below To Request Request To Be a Model and to Learn More!

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    "I lost my ability to perform and Dr. Jacob gave that back to me a truly life changing event to be able to perform once again like I was 25. Thanks Dr. Jacob!"
    Larry T.
    "The doctor took his time to explain my options and present the best treatment plan for me. The exam was professional and private."
    Nathan G.
    "ReGenMan's private one on one consultations made a delicate topic easy to address."
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    "ReGenMan gave me back the confidence I was missing. I'm happier and my wife is happier. Best decision I have made in a long time."
    Mike W.