ViaXTENZE- Penis Enhancement

ViaXTENZE is ReGenMan’s non-invasive treatment designed to naturally lengthen your penis.

ViaXTENZE is a proprietary treatment that combines office acoustic wave protocols with a home use device called Phallosan.  By combining the two, results can be significantly enhanced for enlarging penile length and girth without surgery or the associated costs.


Many men loose penile length and girth as part of the aging process due to a multitude of contributing factors. Regaining prior penis length and girth can be accomplished through our ViaXTENZE program which is a combination of office based acoustic wave treatments with home use of a penis traction device called Phallosan.  The acoustic wave treatments using the correct protocol have been shown to recruit stem cells to the penis which in turn AMPLIFY the physiologic tissue changes that the traction device by itself induces.  The end result is penis enhancement in length and girth in a shorter time and possibly more than by using traction alone.

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