ReGenMan Medical Group is a medical practice that specializes in sexual health. The goal of ReGenMan Medical Group is to properly address each patient’s concerns by doing a through medical history and physical examination including assessment of penile blood flow by using a painless Doppler ultrasound test. This then allows ReGenMan Medical Group to offer customized treatment options for each specific patient, both in terms of sexual satisfaction, but also affordability. We value patient satisfaction with the quality of our medical care and with our quality of service. We believe that it is impossible to consistently arrive at the most appropriate treatments and highest patient satisfaction without adequate assessment and a great amount of individualized communication between the physician, the staff, and the patient. ReGenMan Medical Group’s mission is based on the philosophy that treating sexual dysfunction requires a personalized assessment and treatment that is unique to each patient, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that is often overly simplistic and ineffective as a result. If you are looking to improve or restore your sexual health, schedule your risk free consultation today with ReGenMan Medical Group today.