Premature ejaculation is the inability of having control before ejaculation as opposed to how much time a man can last before climaxing.  In younger men, there is usually a sensitivity issue and a psychological anxiety component. In older men, frequency of sexual activity and erections not being as strong as earlier in life could be components. Customized medicated treatment options that evaluate and address all of these  variables leads to significantly longer lasting sexual performance for a man. ReGenMan Medical Group is a medical practice that specializes in sexual health and therefore is able to offer a broader range of customized treatment options than what is most commonly available. ReGenMan Medical Group’s proprietary treatments are collectively known as the ViaMAXX™ Treatment Program. ViaMAXX™ will allow a man to:

  • Have a strong erection even without sexual arousal allowing you to perform under any situation
  • Maintain an erection up to 1-3 hours even after ejaculation
  • Increase the girth and length of the penis during intercourse by inducing a full erection

The ViaMAXX™ Treatment Program includes several treatment options:

  • Medicated Lozenges
  • Medicated Topical Cream
  • Medicated Urethral Gel
  • Medicated Solution

Which of these treatment options a particular patient is best suited for depends on that patient’s personal preferences, individual variables such as age, medical conditions and medications, and the results of a Doppler ultrasound testing of the penile blood flow done during the initial consultation with Advanced Medical Group Physician. Based on the above information, the Physician will make a recommendation as to what is the best treatment option AND optimal dosages of any of the above treatment options for a particular patient. Then, ReGenMan Medical Group works with a licensed compounding pharmacy to make the prescribed treatment option. The ViaMAXX™ Treatment Program has a high success rate (98%) for patients and ReGenMan Medical Group stands behind our confidence in our proprietary customized treatment program by offering risk free consultations. If a patient is not satisfied with the treatment options offered during the initial consultation, ReGenMan Medical Group will waive the  consultation fee.