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The ViaMAXX™ Treatment Program is exclusively available at ReGenMan Medical Group and has a 98% Success Rate. ViaMAXX™ is customized to maximize your performance, regain your confidence, and to restore what’s been missing in your relationship

We also offer the revolutionary Acoustic Wave Treatment

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Business Account
Business Account
I am 62 years old. What a miracle !!! I felt that I was better now than I was at my young age, in fact, I could do a few more afterward within a few hours. I am heading to Florida with my new life. I will come back if I need to. My life has changed for a better life !!! Thank you, Dr. Jacob !!! From Jerry K.
JT Mannion
JT Mannion
As a recently divorced man who is re-entering the dating pool, much to my surprise I had some health issues my performance in the. Thanks to Dr. Jacob and staff, he quickly diagnosed the issue and had me back in the saddle in short order. Thank you Dr. Jacob and ReGenMan, highly recommended!
David d
David d
I have been working with Dr. Jacobs for 13 years. I have been using ViaMAXX for this entire time. The staff at ReGenMan is awesome and very confidential and Dr. J is patient and takes his time to answer any questions. If you are concerned about "men" issues, set up some time. Worth exploring!!
James Fearson
James Fearson
Dr. Jacobs is an excellent Doctor who takes a personal interest in ensuring he offers solutions that works for you at a budget you can afford. I have been a patient under his care for over 13 years and each of my staff visits with him I’ve had a successful outcome. He is very knowledgeable of current medicine and treatment and he always ensure that he finds a workable solution for you before you leave his office. Having said that, I can truly attest that I’m a repeated satisfied customer and I have every intention of continuing my treatment under his professional care.
Excellent service, professional care & the medication/program works. I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobs for over a year and would recommend him to anyone in need.
michael simmons
michael simmons
ReGen is a great place to restore confidence with great service
A m
A m
Excellent service and care at personal level and basis. The medication works, i have been using for more than 10 years. Dr. Stephen Jacob is great at this and does wonderful job. He listens to your needs and provides treatment that help you the most. Your privacy is respected with utmost regard and results are excellent.
Lloyd Rolle
Lloyd Rolle
Dr. Jacob is a life saver for restoring what was lost.
Jay Mentor
Jay Mentor
I have been a client at “ReGenman” for 6 months using ViaMAXX and it has been amazing!! Very professional and knowledgeable ! I would recommend to anyone that wants to rejuvenate their love life!!

Risk Free

If a patient is not completely satisfied with the consultation and treatment options given, the consultation fee will be waived.

Treatment Plan

ViaMAXX™ is a line of customized medical male health enhancement treatments. You receive the right plan for your needs.

1 on 1 Consultation
in a Private Office

In order to protect privacy, patients are put in individual private waiting rooms so as to avoid seeing other patients.

ReGenMan will provide the ViaMAXX™ Treatment program to meet your needs

ViaMAXX™ for Erectile Dysfunction

While most often associated with older men, erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men of all ages.

ViaMAXX™ for Premature Ejaculation

PE is ejaculation that occurs in a man and subsequent loss of erection before both partners would like in a sexual encounter.

ViaMAXX™ for Low Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for the normal growth and development of male organs and for maintenance of other sexual characteristics.

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What Our Patients Say about Regenman

These are just a few of our satisfied patients.

I lost my ability to perform and Dr. Jacob gave that back to me a truly life changing event to be able to perform once again like I was 25. Thanks Dr. Jacob!
Larry T.
The doctor took his time to explain my options and present the best treatment plan for me. The exam was professional and private.
Nathan G.
ReGenMan's private one on one consultations made a delicate topic easy to address.
Frank L.
ReGenMan gave me back the confidence I was missing. I'm happier and my wife is happier. Best decision I have made in a long time.
Mike W.