Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

AcousticWAVE is ReGenMan’s non-invasive treatment designed to restore blood flow, remove buildup and promote the growth of new blood vessels.

AcousticWAVE utilizes low-intensity sound waves to increase blood flow which improves sexual function. AcousticWAVE may also help to improve sensitivity by stimulating new nerve growth.

  • Lowest cost in the Atlanta area.

  • Experienced physician and physician performed with research supported protocols

  • Combined with ViaMAXX™ for superior results

  • Rehabilitative with no downtime.

  • Completely non-invasive.

  • Each session lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Depending on personal factors observable results in a SINGLE treatment.

  • May last several years depending on other health factors.


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AcousticWave FAQs

AcousticWave is a rehabilitative treatment that allows a person’s body to repair and regenerate themselves using a medical device that sends pulses of pressure waves which penetrate into the body area where the treatment is applied.  Acousticwave is called other names: shockwave, extra corporeal shockwave, low intensity shockwave.

AcousticWave’s rehabilitative potential is based on recruiting the stem cells in one’s own body to the area of treatment to trigger the repair and regenerative process.  Although the exact biochemical mechanism is still being researched, it is thought that the end result is breaking down the plaque build up that causes hardened arteries, greating formation of new blood vessels, and increasing the nerve cells in the area.

Although various devices and protocols are used currently in acoustic wave treatments with some claiming that there’s is the best or superior to others, at present there is no scientific research that one device or protocol is better than the other.

Scientific research shows acoustic wave treatments work, but the results vary on the degree of the severity of the erectile dysfunction and  underlying medical conditions.  On average, most research shows that acoustic wave treatments are about 70% effective in getting a man’s own erections to return without medications, getting oral medications to work again, or getting injectable medications to work.

Acousticwave can also be used to break down the plaque that causes curvature from Peyronies Disease.  Research supports lower pain with erections and decreased curvature if treated early enough in the disease process

Gainswave is another marketing term for acoustic wave treatments trademarked by a company with a network of medical offices who are allowed to use their marketing name through a licensure agreement.